Saturday, January 24, 2009



Damn, I've let this blog fall to the wayside, haven't I. I've been too busy leveling to 80, leveling my abysmal fishing (yeah, it's at 250 something right now - and that's after hours of working at it... no Dalaran coins for me for a while), running countless heroics (at this point, there are literally no more upgrades that I can get through heroic badge loot - I've bought them all), trying to sadly, slowly, painstakingly get my Sons of Hodir rep up, and finally, finally! starting some Naxx 25s with my guild =D Which is exciting. Raiding and instances are one of the main reasons I play the game. I really, really enjoy healing people in pve. Pvp never really stuck with me, and solo leveling was fun only because at level, like, 42, I hadn't yet experienced a real 25 man raid; leveling was all I knew.

Which brings us here, now, to Naxx 25. HAI NAXX 25

Naxx 25 is easy. Yeah. It is. It saddens me to say this. I used to read the forums on elitist jerks and I'd hate the people who'd be all like "You only need like 3 or 4 healers, it's so easy, it's boring, anyone could do it." And now that I'm in there.. le sigh. There are no wipe fests! I actually ENJOY wipefests. It makes finally downing a boss all that more delicious. Maybe we'll have a couple wipes here and there due to stupid reasons, but overall, it's not. hard.

Now don't get me wrong - it's not like we've plowed through the instance in one night. We couldn't even get to Sapph and KT in two nights (granted, that was because of the MASSIVE LAG BOSS. God I hate that boss). It's just that you go through trash, doo do dooo, bah kill the shade! come across a boss, ok this is what she does, kill the adds, MC this guy, heal the MT, watch for the web wrap, don't stand in the void zones, don't get silenced, decimate! kill the zombies, and boom. Boss down. Moving on. Meh. Each boss can be done in one try. There are a crapload of bosses in there, sure, so overall, it can take a while. But rarely have we come across a boss in one of the wings that we've had major trouble on.

I guess this makes sense. If each boss was THAT difficult, people wouldn't be able to get to Sapph and KT unless they raided like 5 times a week. Very few people would get to see that end game content. O WAIT HAI BLIZZ I SEE WUT U DID THUR U NERFED STUF SO PPL COULD SEE IT sigh.

It's not at the point where it's so easy, I don't enjoy running it. I have a lot of fun healing the group, and I certainly do have to pay attention on each fight to make sure I'm doing my part. I guess I wish it was *slightly* more challenging. Then again, we still have to get through Maly25 and OS 3D 25, so that's something to look forward to :P

Oh, BY THE WAY. On Loatheb (healbot scrambled, cute, huh?) I've been a total IDIOT at healing. Put LBs on the raid, timing it right so that they bloom during the three seconds! Duh! /facepalm. Granted in 10 man, you just have to precast a HT, try for a quick swiftmend on someone else, and then quick WG on one group, and everything ends up fine and dandy. Haven't tried it on 25. But I'll be rocking the blooms.

EDIT: Loatheb is easy sauce with 7 healers. I think I put one HT precasted on one person the entire fight. I did put up some LBs and tried to time them right, but it didn't really seem to make a big difference. WG was also FTW. There was just so much healing going on, each person's individual heals were just a drop in the water. I guess overall that's good, because we were able to get him down on the first try. Sigh. wtb challenge.


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