Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At this point, we’ve got less than two weeks left until the xpac hits on November 13th. Many guilds, my own included, are somewhat at a standstill as we wait for Northrend. In lieu of raiding, I’ve found that many people have been busy leveling alts.

When I first began leveling my (now 70) druid, I remember starting in Aldrassil, trash talking the level 1 and 2 Starving Baby Dire Wolves (or whatever those mobs were). Moonfire! Ha! Take THAT, beeotch! Oh, you want some wrath? Huh, huh? You want it? Bam! My boyfriend, a then (and now) level 70 hunter, thought it was pretty hilarious.

Now that my main toon is 70, and I’m starting to level some other alts, the initial wonder of the game has sort of been lost. However, I felt as though I’d be able to get it back by starting a new race (specifically, draenei), which begins in a different starting zone: Auzuremyst Isle.

So I started my draenei paladin with the intent of bringing that “new” feeling back. Little did I know that this particular class would PLOW THROUGH EVERYTHING.

Ok, seriously guys, paladins are SO OVERPOWERED. And I’m not even going to get into endgame battleground/raiding content. (/start tangent: Ok, I lied, I am gonna get into it. In battlegrounds, I top the healing charts literally about 80% of the time. I’m not bragging. I’m just stating a fact. So I’m pretty good about keeping myself and others up and alive. I used to get owned by rogues in PvP, but now I’m finally learning how to pop a faerie fire on them, and then barkskin on myself. I was so pumped that I finally was able to ‘beat’ rogues (or, at least survive them) in PvP. Then the new patch hits - and suddenly rogues are not my problem. Ret pallys are critting on me for 5k damage. And then hitting on me for 2k, followed by 3k. All in the space of about mmmm… .8 seconds. I have a little over 8k health. THEY KILL ME IN .8 SECONDS. I don’t even have TIME to get a HoT on myself. It’s disgusting. /end tangent). However, right now I’m just talking about low level leveling. And CHRIST. This thing is a beast. I know it’s nothing new; paladins have been absurdly OP since the patch hit a couple weeks ago. And then Blizzard nerfed them (whoops, sorry guys! Fun’s over), and they’re *still* OP. Everyone has QQed on the forums, everyone has talked about it. I realize. I know. It’s old news. Old news is old.

But is anyone else who’s leveling a pally just *totally* blown away by it? Ok - seriously - she’s level 17 right now. I can take on mobs that are 7 LEVELS HIGHER THAN ME with NO PROBLEM. This isn’t a testament to how awesome a player I am - although I’m pretty decent, I certainly am not The Best player out there. She isn’t even GEARED all that well. She never runs out of mana, never runs out of health, bubbles when she needs to, Lay on Hands is a SICK heal, and - and - AND she gets Gift of the Naaru cause she’s a Draenei. Ok, I just barfed a little bit of overpowered up into my mouth. Excuse me while I go spit it up.

But really, to be honest? I’m having a total blast leveling this toon. =P

Anyone else having fun with alts?

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